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Edinborg Cultural center

Inaugurated June 2007, Edinborg offers excellent facilities for events of various kinds, including conferences, meetings, receptions, parties and exhibitions. Edinborg´s fully appointed service centre offers comprehensive services, including photocopying, computers, network connection and telephones. 

On the ground floor we have Edinborg- Bistro - Cafe - Bar whether you want a taste of the Icelandic food culture, get some coffee and cake, or simply enjoying a cold one on the side. Then Edinburgh Bistro - Cafe - Bar is the place to enjoy. 

In the corridor we have a exhibition space called Slunkaríki which is an artist run gallery that has been run by the art club in Ísafjörður since 1985.

On the ground floor you will find Edinborgarsal the main hall of the building and accommodates 200 guests in seats or 300 guests for theater,221 m2. We can combine it with the side hall (Bryggjusal) which is 119m2. Edinborgarsalur offers good facilities for theater, concerts, conferences, meetings, seminars, fairs and more. The hall is technically complete with sound system, teleconference and lighting.

There are also several other smaller meeting rooms in the building. Bryggjusalur on the ground floor can be connected to the main hall of the building has a soundproof folding doors which will turn it into independent Hall, and accommodates 100 guests in seats . Bryggjusalur is ideal for medium-size meetings and gatherings.
Rögnvaldarsalur in the second floor is 114 m2 with two rooms (55 and 45 m2). In addition to being suitable for art school training centers it is suitable for meetings in its widest definition.
The third floor or Attic will have two rooms a total of 141 m2 space. The interior is very nice as it is a cozy attic. Being ideal for small meetings and gatherings in addition we have the possibility for companies to have facilities for its activities. Attic is under construction and will be ready in the next few months.

The Tourist Information is located in the building. The Tourist Office friendly employees provide information, tips and details that are useful during your stay in Ísafjörður and surrounding areas. The travel agency West tours is located next to the tourist office.

For further information, please contact us
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